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The Da Vinci Code, The Gospel of Judas and Other Nonsense

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Counteracting the Da Vinci Code

Karen Rumore forwarded me the following email from Nick which has a great plan of action to counteract the DaVinci Code without giving them any more free press.

I appreciate the efforts to counter-attack the heresies evident in "The DaVinci Code". However, this is a scenario where we should be "wise as serpents, innocent as doves." Stopping this movie from being shown will give this film even more publicity than it deserves. Witness how a small Utah theater owner unwittingly drew national attention to pro-homosexual "Brokeback Mountain" when he refused to show that film.

If you boycott a movie, even as one as blasphemous as "The DaVinci Code", you are, in fact, aiding in the promotion of the film. It would give the producers no greater pleasure than to see a marginalized, to-them-uncool, fringe group to draw free publicity to the film. If a film becomes labeled "controversial", a lot of curiosity seekers will search it out to see what the fuss is all about. Besides, it's not like one cannot read the story for themselves--bookstores are not being boycotted, and the book is supposedly a page-turner.

So, what to do? If you ignore the film, the film will be left unchallenged for unsuspecting people to be led to its heresy. If you protest the film, you will draw unneeded attention and free publicity to the film. If you try to engage the film, by seeing it, you are giving more money into the pockets of those who make this film, signalling that Hollywood should make more films like this.

There is another approach, which devout Catholic Barbara Niccolosi (www.churchofthemasses.com) has suggested. It is, in my opinion, utterly brilliant. On the weekend of DaVinci Code's opening, every Christian should go to the movies. Just not The DaVinci Code. Every Hollywood bigwig and insider checks opening weekend statistics to decide whether or not such films should ever be made in the future. A movie ticket purchase is like a "vote." If you don't vote, then you signal to Hollywood that you're not a movie paying patron whose voice should be listened to.

But what if "The DaVinci Code", a film which has "blockbuster" written all over it--what if it were to not win the weekend, and lose to another film opening that weekend? (In that particular weekend, a clean computer-graphics cartoon, with considerably good cast, and written by a Christian screenwriter is opening: "Over The Hedge"). If "Over the Hedge" wins that weekend, with Narnia or Passion numbers, you will do more to signal your discontent with Hollywood trash than anything else out there. You will signal that you are a movie-paying patron, who has no interest in Christian-bashing films and are instead into family-friendly fare. Your voice will matter. You will also not give free publicity to "The DaVinci Code", and you may even have a good time at the movies.

If enough Christians come out and support the little cartoon-that-could, and make that a surprise success, it will leave an indelible mark in Hollywood. In short, please consider going to the movies on the weekend of May 19, to counter the influence of "DaVinci Code." Just not "The Da Vinci Code."


Anonymous Norma Lewis said...

Thank you Holy Spirit Interactive for giving us such a wide range of good reading regarding the 'DaVinci Code'. All the articles were excellent in giving us the truth about the book and movie and educating us in our Catholic faith and showing us how to counteract the effects this movie and book will may have. On my part I will be forwarding some of these articles to relatives and friends and the Opus Dei website. Besides this praying for all - those who will watch the movie and read the book. I do wish that we could have organised some sort of peaceful protest at the theatres where the movies opened; whether it would have deterred people or not it would have showed the rest of the public that we as catholics can stand up for our beliefs and priciples. India - a non christian country, showed some spunk in delaying the opening whereas our so called christian countries in the West did nothing as far as I can tell. My hat's off to them and the Phillipines!
Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion.

May 26, 2006 6:52 PM  

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